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Can’t Control Your Poop? - You don’t need to live this way - We Can Help!

If your principal concern is not getting to a restroom in time, repeated soiling of your underclothes or needing to wear a protective pad, then a highly successful treatment is available. When conservative management to address this condition have failed, bowel control therapy through sacral neurostimulation can be a highly effective solution.

Bowel control therapy targets the nerves that control your bowel to help it function normally again by gently stimulating the sacral nerves using an MRI compatible implantable device. According to a clinical study performed by Medtronic, if the sacral neurostimulator is not turned off or removed, bowel control therapy has improved the quality of life for people with fecal incontinence for many years, thus providing long term symptom relief. Outcomes with sacral nerve stimulation can reach 89% long term improvement with several individuals having complete continence! Although this therapy will not cure your condition, it can be highly effective in reducing the number of trips you take to the bathroom, fewer accidents, more confidence, and more freedom.

If you are a candidate for this form of effective therapy, we encourage you to say yes to the test by offering you a trial period of bowel control therapy which can show you what a significant impact this therapy can have on relieving your symptoms of soiling, improve your quality of day to day living, avoid embarrassing situations and giving back your freedom to be more independent.


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